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Cosplay Progress!

Hmm. There appears to be this thing of unmistakeable evil in my house...

So I began with drawing it out like always. Here's the pretty drawing:

And then glued the shaft into the middle.

Then layered it up like a bitch. The thing had 5 main layers in the end, some of which had to be made from several pieces because I didn't have big enough bits of foam.

And then I carved it a lot on the handle, and then put in the electronics

And then made up the orbs and glued them on.

They're more red in real life, it's just in the art we had they had a tinge of blue to them which we thought looked cool so I made it.

Then more layering like a bitch, especially around the f-in eye. I managed to cut myself whilst carving! It was bound to happen at some point- I'm just glad it's just a little nick on the top of my left pointing finger, and you know, not a toe.

And then... more layering. And a shit tonne of hot glue. Here's the side which has the concealed batteries on it. Can you see how you get to them?

Here they are!

And then I did the big pretty pattern on the two sides.

And then it was totally done.

This one was a lot harder than the soul calibur, believe it or not. I had a few moments of "Fuck this, internet time" during making this which I didn't have for the other sword.

Now I can't wait to show Matt so we can hit each other with our swords.
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