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Reasons why the prosthetic chest isn't a long term binding method.

Okay, so last night I took the chest off with the remover. The glue is prosaide which can't be taken off without the remover because it's strong as shit.

So I take it off, but it's still pretty sticky. I think no big deal, put on a T-shirt so I don't get sticky sheets and say I'll shower in the morning. Then I sleep.

I wake up, realise I still feel sticky. The T-shirt is like stuck to me and has to be peeled off. I go to the bath room and look at my chest. I then grab the bottle of prosaide remover, some shower gel and proceed to try to scrape it off in the shower.

It doesn't work.

My chest now looks like this:

It's not painful in the slightest, you know, even though I look like a STD. It's just that the glue has picked up every bit of lint and dirt it has come in contact with today. And while bits are peeling off I don't think I'll see the end of this until at least friday.

So yeah, anyone out there planning on trying this, don't. I have a partner who doesn't care if my chest looks like Rorschach's face. Or that we'll stick during sex and he'll never be able to escape. This stuff is only really good for once in a while crap.

Also, because someone mentioned me binding my boobs down flatter in the last post, this is them in a super-ultra-designed-to-bind binder from T-kingdom:

Yeah, that's as small as they're going.

(also, lol at the bare patch which is where the duct tape protected my skin from the glue.)
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